Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tony and I made it to Antigua no problem last night. Rigoberto, our ride from the airport in Guatemala city, says that he knew who we were because we looked holy. I assured him that it must have been the ¨lost¨ look on our faces that tipped him off. My house is very nice and SeƱora Elsa is very kind, only asking a few questions before allowing me to be in my room and get settled in. Things get moving pretty early in the morning here, so it seems, because I woke up multiple times before my alarm (set for 6:00) to hear much movement going on in the street and Elsa working diligently in the kitchen. I thought that I had set my clock wrong and that I was an hour behind because of all the activity. Thankfully I wasn't, however. I guess that nobody wants to waste daylight, so they all get moving in the morning. After a nice, simple breakfast, I was off to the school (PROBIGUA). I knew how to get there but made the mistake of assuming that there was only one Spanish School on the street. I stepped into the first one that I came upon and... well, let's just say that it wasn't PROBIGUA. They were awefully confused about why they didn't have my reservation until I mentioned the word PROBIGUA, after which they promptly (and very hosptiably) directed me down the street. Nice start, huh? Well, I made it down to PROBIGUA (past the other Spanish School on the same street) and soon meet my tutor. She has been very kind, starting easy by just getting to know me and about my family. We did a lot of simple things - mostly, I think, just to get me feeling confident in speaking in Spanish. I have some simple homework for the day, which should leave me time to do some exploring around Antigua this afteroon. A humble, but decent start to my stay. Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. word for the wise - don't say "soy embarazada" if you mess up your spanish. it's a false doesn't mean embarassed. it's means pregnant :)

    bueno suerte!